M8/Motto (Motto) | Issue 6 of 8

D8/Dotto (Learned) by Wojciech Zalot (Cracow)

F8/Fotto (Fuck) by Ettore Cavaliere (Salerno)

C8/Cotto (Lovesick) by Christopher Berry (Seattle)

C8/Cotto (Lovesick) by Renzo Razzetto (Florida)

Watch out Super8 Magazine Issue 5!

C8/Cotto (Lovesick) by S. Massa Bidal (Lyon)

Super8 @ BRANCHIE: Paper Tales, Venice

Last weekend Super8 Magazine has been invited in Venice to join an event
called BRANCHIE per la microeditoria: Paper Tales. It included some cool italian
micro-publishing case studies. Find out more on www.branchie.org

See some pics

C8/Cotto (Lovesick) by POGO (Buenos Aires)

S8/Sotto (Below) by Pierre-Paul Pariseau (Montreal)

L8/Lotto (I Fight) by Daniel Lucas (Los Angeles)

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